Avril Quinn Consulting provides the following services to individuals and to businesses. Please Contact Avril if you wish to discuss any of the services below.

CVs & CV Cover Letters

Take the stress out of job searching and have your CV designed by a HR Consultant and Career Coach.
Now more than ever it is really important to stand out from the crowd and for a fee of €50 you can have your CV designed in a way which reflects your key strengths, talents, skills and experience presenting you in the best possible way to a potential Employer. To book your professional CV please click this link…order customised CV

My professional experience comes from working both in direct HR roles and also as a HR Consultant. I have worked for a wide variety of companies and am qualified to Masters Degree level, I am a chartered member of the CIPD and I am trained both by the British Psychological Society and Gallup Organisation.

Its important not to forget about the Cover Letter and once again I can design this for you in a very professional manner. The Cover Letter should compliment your CV and come across as professional and positive as possible. The cost of the Cover Letter is €25. To book your Cover Letter please click this link……….order cover letter

Interview Workshops

Stressed and nervous about an upcoming interview? Of course and this is very natural and part of the human condition. However research has proven that practice can be very effective and my experience allows me to conduct an interview workshop with you that will set you up for success for your interview with a mix of interview questions and scenarios.

I have over 10 years interviewing experience developed through a variety of in-house and consultancy HR roles. Trained by both the British Psychological Society and the Gallup Organisation I have the skill set you need to be set up for success for interviews.

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Personality Profiling & Aptitude Testing

Employers are now looking at candidates personalities as part of the recruitment process to see if they are a match for the organisation. Candidates themselves also consider their personality type when search for employment. I am trained in the most modern and innovative personality profiling tools and would be delighted to work with you in relation to your requirements.
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Career Coaching

Career Coaching is about you, your career journey and ultimately where you want to be. As a qualified Coach I will work with you in relation to your values, motivation, likes and dislikes to support you in moving forward to your career destination.

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