Aptitude Testing

Employers are now looking at candidates personalities as part of the recruitment process to determine if they are a match for the organisation.  Much more emphasis is placed today on personality, values and motivators as part of the overall picture of the candidate going through the recruitment process. Candidates themselves also consider their personality type when searching for employment. I am trained in the most modern and innovative personality profiling tools and would be delighted to work with you in relation to your requirements. I am qualified in Occupational Level Testing (Levels A & B) with the British Psychological Society, qualified in Gallup Psychometrics with the Gallup Organisation and accredited with the Dimensions series of Psychometrics.

In addition to this aptitude or ability plays a key role in assessing candidates for job vacancies and when I say aptitude (ability) it can include things like Numerical, Mechanical, Verbal, Abstract & Spatial Reasoning.  I am trained in all of these testing tools and research demonstrates that practicising these tests can significantly help you in the recruitment process.   To book a practice test and set yourself up for success please contact Avril Quinn on info@avrilquinn.com or call 086 2176742.