Customised CVs

Now more than ever it is really important to stand out from the crowd and for a fee of €50 you can have your CV designed in a way which reflects your key strengths, talents, skills and experience presenting you in the best possible way to a potential Employer.

You don’t even need to leave your home if you do not wish to do so as your CV can be designed by Avril remotely! 

To book your Customised CV simply

  1. Place your order via paypal below and you will receive a questionnaire to fill in.
  2. Following receipt of the completed questionnaire Avril will complete your customised CV and send it to you via email within 48 hours

To book your customised CV please use the above instructions or contact Avril on email or mobile 086 2176742

I have engaged Avril, in the past, in her capacity as a Career Coach and with a view to improving my CV. From our initial meeting, to gauge my strengths and abilities, to the final result, I found Avril to be highly personable, extremely knowledgeable and adept at assessment. Avril is a professional of the highest integrity, whom I have already, and will continue to, recommend to others. I have no hesitation in publicly endorsing her work and ability”  Jim Burns, Technical Support VMware

It’s all about getting that first interview!

Studies show that Recruiters spend on average no more than 20 secondsreviewing CVs. What does this mean for you? Essentially that you need to present your key skills, qualifications, achievements and career background in the quickest and most clear, concise and professional manner that increases your chances of being called for interview. That is the first step and it is the hardest part, how do I stand out so I am called for interview?

In my previous experience as both a Recruitment Agent and an in-house Recruiter I reviewed thousands of CVs on a weekly basis and these are some CV tips from me based on my experience of seeing what works with CVS and more importantly what doesn’t work!:

CV tips

  1. Keep your CV to two pages maximum
  2. Use a clear and legible font and ensure your font size is at a minimum size 11
  3. Keep your font and formatting consistent, the easier to read the better, no fancy fonts please
  4. Include the contact numbers that are the fastest way of contacting you, no point in putting in your home telephone number if you are never home to answer
  5. Focus on achievements and what you have done, not what you haven’t done
  6. Ensure your education starts with the most recent education first and work backgrounds
  7. The same applies for your career background, start with your most recent job first and work backwards and really important is to detail the key achievements in the roles you held
  8. Don’t forget to put in any voluntary work its hugely valuable in employment searching, whether you volunteer once a week or have done a once off fundraiser include it
  9. IT skills are important to mention as is Professional Training so anything like ECDL, First Aid, Manual Handling, Fire Evacuation ensure you have it included
  10. At the top of your CV you can summarise your key skills and experience in a couple of sentences, a great tip is to also focus on your potential; employers love to think about the potential of a candidate going through the recruitment process so ensure to have it referenced
  11. What about your achievements? Full driving licence, promotions, work abroad, recognition received, sporting medals etc. these can be all listed as achievements
  12. You don’t need to include your references on your CV unless they specifically ask for it
  13. Finally proof read and spell check your CV a number of times before you send it off and even better ask a friend or family member to have a look at it also, a fresh pair of eyes might just spot that typo you missed