Springboard opportunities for job seekers @ CIT…..!

CIT is currently preparing course proposals under the Springboard and ICT Skills initiatives.

Springboard was first launched in 2011 as part of the Government’s Jobs Initiative, and provides free, part-time places on higher education courses in areas of identified skills need. Target participants are jobseekers with a previous history of employment who would benefit from upskilling or cross-skilling to get back into sustainable employment.

In previous years CIT has had an excellent record of success under these initiatives with over 300 students benefiting each year.  This year we are again confident of success and hope to offer approximately 20 courses to job seekers.  They will range from short courses over a few weeks to year-long courses.  We work very closely with employers to ensure that the skills relate directly to employment needs and we facilitate work placement and practical experience as part of the education process.

It is anticipated that by mid-May the approved courses will be available to applicants atwww.springboardcourses.ie

For more information contactextendedcampus@cit.ie

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